Zoom Sharing ~ Death as an Ally for Living ~ David Less Videos

Death ~ Without Regrets

Intro:  This password protected web site presents David Less’s Death work from Seattle’s Five Day Workshop this past April. It provides 38 videos of Discourse, Meditations and Exercises. It uses Zoom Meetings to share our experiences, feelings and thoughts.
To Help You Know If Any of This Is For You?
~ Look over the Video Table of Contents
~ Try some of The Meditations [3 are unlocked]
~ To have some indirect feeling for zoom see Zoom Extras
~ Watch The 1st Video — ‘Your Cover & Why Are We Afraid of Death’

Two Types of Zoom Gatherings
1) Monthly Support Group:
 Our next meeting is Tues. Aug 21st – 8 pm London time.
All are welcome; no payment necessary. This is a continuing support group.
2) Intensive Gatherings:   Meeting once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.
Next One: Southern Hemisphere: Monday Oct. 15th – 8 pm Auckland time.
Next One: Northern Hemisphere: Monday Nov. 27th – 7 pm Seattle time.
Entering Zooms: All gatherings share a COMMON LINK and ID of 212493927

Payment: To access Shahabuddin’s videos and attend Zoom Intensives 
Pay by contributing at Abrahamic Reunion England.  Minimum donation is 50 english pounds [about $65 USD].  After payment Email gerryscott@me.com to receive the Password to access all the videos. These funds support the Abrahamic Reuion’s Peace initiative which works primarily in the Mideast. Gerry Scott and Maureen McSweeney will be co-facillitating.  David Less will not be involved directly with the Zoom Groups.

Below is the Shahabuddin’s most recent description of this work.

Shahabuddin Seminar
The Pathless Path of Spiritual Freedom

Our conditioning and our habit structures often generate in us a connection with the known formal spiritual pathways that is artificial. In many cases, our formal path connects us with a conceptual perspective of the spiritual world. Instead of offering us freedom, it inhibits access to our actual inner experience, as well as our access to the spontaneity that is so critical for the discovery of a true spiritual path.

In so many instances, I am seeing that many of us create an inner path that retains the imprint, or influence, of our body, our mind, and our ego. We do this individually, internally, and unconsciously, and it impedes or restricts our attainment of true spiritual freedom, thus blocking our capacity for a relationship with the true spiritual path.

It is critical for us that we have no regrets when we leave this world. Regrets are a statement of inner pain, and they inhibit the real spiritual freedom. God can only walk on this earth through us: we are the living instruments. We need to be grounded in the body, with consciousness in our feet as well as our hearts and our awareness. This is the essence of the true spiritual path.

In this seminar, we will look at personalizing our path beyond our inner and outer habit structures. Each individual is unique. Our personal path may or may not include a formal path, or aspects of formal paths. We will focus on accessing our own inner wisdom to know what tools and knowledge we need. We will experience our own spiritual pathway not as a conceptual construct but in the inner domains where God really does operate in both directions.

If you wish to come to this Seattle seminar, come with faith that you can be free, and our collective community, as well as Shahabuddin, can catalyze the process.

Shahabuddin Aug 1, 2018